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City: Oura

Alfred Town Riverside Reserve

Alfred Town Riverside Reserve

River Road, , , New South Wales, Australia
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To get to the Alfred Town Riverside Reserve, follow signs to a small shaded camping area on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. Entrance to the Alfred Town Riverside Reserve location map Alfred Town Riverside Reserve Location Map

Category Rest Areas
Oura Beach Reserve

Oura Beach Reserve

Dirt Road off Waga Waga Street, , , New South Wales, Australia
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The Oura Beach Reserve is a huge area so you should always find a nice grassy site with access to the Murrumbidgee River on your doorstep, drop a line in or try out your Kayak and remember to take your camera. Entrance to the Oura Beach Reserve Oura B ...

Category Rest Areas

Camping at Rest Areas Regulations in New South Wales.

Rest Area Definition: A rest area is a safe area beside the road where motorists can pull off the roadway to rest.

You can sleep in most of the rest areas in Australia for 20 hours consecutive, but pitching a tent and setting up camp is prohibited.
Some areas of New South Wales might have different time limits, so be observant and check if there are any erected sings with limits.

Facilities vary within each Rest Area, some may have public toilets, fireplaces, bbqs, picnic tables etc. or they might have nothing more than a place to safely park your vehicle.

Note: It is important motorists use rest areas designated for the type of vehicle they are driving.

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