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Mitsubishi Pajero NG sunroof

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11 years 6 months ago #307 by cori2099
Mitsubishi Pajero NG sunroof was created by cori2099
Just a quick hint to let people know, The Sunroof on a 1990 mitsubishi Pajero is the same as those found on later models.
The rust is such a common problem, And after being quoted $1600 + labour i had to find an alternative. I asked around everywhere and not one person mentioned this little fact. and i was quoted from a few places upto $2800. Which was worth more than the car!!
I stumbled on one at a local wreckers, Cleaned it up a little, Repainted with No-Rust Paint and Bobs your uncle, No Leaks, and $150 TOTAL!!
So i thought id chuck it out there, Your not out of options!

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