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4WD Motorhome or offroad camper trailer

3 weeks 4 days ago #1804 by rboem
Dear caravanontour forum members,

G'day we are Roberto & Paula an oversees (Dutch) couple planning our big lap starting in Perth in January 2023. We've been trying to decide upon our best mode of transport/home-on-wheels option for this adventure and are torn. With so much passion and experience on this forum we are hoping to find some advise which will help us make a good decision.

We are trying to decide between a pre-owned Toyota Hilux based Talvor motorhome ($48k)  or pre-owned 4x4 ($20k) combined with a pre-owned offroad camper trailer ($25k) .

I'd expected cost of these purchases somewhat the same and there are some obvious usability pros/cons between both options, but the biggest thing we are stuck on is ability to resell. I have a feeling that the Hilux based motorhome is such a specific vehicle which makes reselling more difficult but I am completely unsure if this is the case.

Any advise or opinions are welcome, Roberto & Paula

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