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ToolPRO Variable Speed Car Polisher

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ToolPRO Variable Speed Car Polisher
I put to a good test on a badly oxidized car bonnet.
The results speak for themselves.

Towards the end of the Video , you will hear my Daughters comments regarding the finished results. (12.58 Minute mark.)
The Toolpro car polisher worked really well, and it didn't take me too long to get the hang of using it to produce a good finish on the car bonnet duco.

My video above demonstrating the Toolpro Car Polisher from Unboxing to Using the variable speeds.

You can jump to:
Cut and Polish starts at (12.48 minute mark)
Polishing starts at (11.58 minute mark)

Products Used in my Video to restore Car Bonnets Shine
1. ToolPro Car Polisher - 150mm, 1100 Watt
2. ToolPro Cutting Pad - Foam, Hook & Loop, 150mm
3. ToolPro Polishing Pad - Foam, Velcro, 150mm
4. SCA Liquid Cut & Polish - 500mL
5. SCA Liquid Polish - 500mL
6. SCA Microfibre Wash Kit - 9pce

You can purchase all the products I used in my video directly from:

SuperCheap Auto