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Insta360 One R Video Action Camera

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Insta360 One R Modular Action Camera Twin Edition.
I've now owned this Insta360 camera for a few months, hence this long video. this Insta360 camera is an amazing piece of kit.

My Insta360 One R YouTube Video Above.

I have enjoyed using this action camera, it does have its own quirks to get used to.
One of the annoying things is the camera occasionally freezes, and you will need to remove the battery to reset the camera.
I'll assume Insta360 will eventually fix this problem with a firmware upgrade.

You can edit videos using your mobile phone and the Insta360 app, or edit via your PC. Insta360 STUDIO 2020 360 editing software, etc.

NOTE: 4k videos and above take up a lot of space and will need a reasonably powerful system to do further editing in more traditional editors like DaVinci Resolve 16

There is also a free plugin for Adobe Premiere.

You can jump to section of interest by using the time stamps.
▶ Direct Video Chapters Below
00:00 - Intro to the Insta360 One R Camera
00:32 - Unboxing
05:00 - Starting the Insta360 One R Camera for the first time
06:49 - Setting up the mobile phone app
09:42 - Insta360 One R Camera Menu structure
16:36 - Time Flip
16:40 - Auto Time Shift
17:30 - Jump Planet
17:36 - Clone Trail
17:46 - Parallel Planet
17:55 - Flash Dash
18:05 - Stop Motion
18:19 - Roll Planet
18:29 - Dolly Zoom
18:36 - Timelapse
18:52 - Star Trails
18:58 - Starlapse
19:04 - 360 Mod
19:33 - 4k Mod
19:43 - Raw log File
20:00 - Colour Corrected
20:15 - 200fps slowed to 30fps
20:28 - 4k 30fps Audio and Summery

Insta360 One R is available to purchase from the links Below:



Amazon AU

Insta360 Direct

For the record, this is a 13 gig video recording, that was made over two months.