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Please be careful, if you come across any algae in fresh water that you intend to use, for drinking purposes.

Cyanobacteria bacteria, more commonly known as Blue-green algae. can be found at varying times of the year, and throughout all of Australia.

NOTE: Not all, but some varieties of Cyanobacteria are known to produce toxins, which are harmful to humans and animals.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to tell the difference, by simply by looking at it with the naked eye, laboratory testing, is the only safe way to determine if the water is safe, for humans and animals.

I have added direct links below, to the State and Territory run websites, that can help with location, and severity, of the current known algae blooms.

You can also find more information about blue-green algae in general, by visiting the links below.









Here are a few photos so you know what to watch out for

Photo above by Arthur Mostead

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