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Just a general warning for Queensland members.

You may already know that when selling your Caravan, Camper Trailer, Motor Home, or any other RV with gas installed, you will need a Gas Certificate.

Unfortunately, in Queensland there is a ‘Certifiers only’ licence available that lets individuals do “Gas certificates only”

That means if they find a problem (and they often will) they are not authorised and cannot legally do any repairs, consequently they will defect your van and walk away with your money for the privilege.

This Licence is relatively new and consequently, they only know the new rules. So if your van is a little older then they will try to apply the new/current standard and so your van may fail.

There is absolutely no recourse for doing a Defect Notice incorrectly, as it comes down to their opinion. This encourages unscrupulous operators who are working the system to find fault and still charge you!

PLEASE, when booking a Gas Certificate ask them 2 questions……

Are you a FULLY qualified Gas Fitter?

If there is a problem, what are you going to do?

If they are not a FULLY qualified Gas Fitter and don’t or will not do repairs, then save your money and call someone else.

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