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Why I Started another Free Camping and Caravan Forum Web Site.

My thoughts on this are fairly simple.

Create the Best Caravan and Camping forum website available on the Internet, that is easy to use for everyone, from novices to experts.

  1. An example of this is our our Members Free Classified Ads.
  2. Our online Forum has Integrated Google Maps that simply need an address to activate them.
  3. GPS coordinates enabled Maps in our Campsite Database.
  4. We have an Australian Caravan Manufactures database list that you can search by State, Territory or manufactures name.
  5. A fully integrated and up to date forum platform to run on.
  6. We now have an Advanced User Profile.
  7. You can post up to 10 photos to your Profile.
  8. Your Profile is linked directly to the Classified Ads Section of our website.
  9. A P.M .system is also running so you can contact the user directly.
  10. Captcha is in place to stop Spam.
  11. Email addresses protected by the use of Forms and P.M, System.
  12. An easy to use database of Free and Low Cost Campsite locations.
  13. A Towing capacity Database with stats on different vehicles.

Just to name a few things we have included in our Australian Caravan and Camping site.

We will always be looking to expand our horizons, and offering new things as they become available.


We have a few things that might be of interest to you.

Our site is full of useful information.
Free and Low Cost Campsites maps - all linked to our forum through a discuss system.
You can comment on them and add you opinion of the campsite.

We are located in Australia, our website has areas set aside for the fun things to do, with sections covering the outdoor lifestyles we all enjoy, plus much more as we are always expanding our information base, with every new post made.

If you would like to see another caravan forum section added, simply post your request in the Suggestion Box section of our camping forum.
The outdoor section in our forum has a Beach & Inland Fishing - Australia with Tackle & Knot, Fishing Videos, and a State by State Dedicated fishing forum.
A Prospecting area for those who like to fossick around. Cycling is also included along with Walking and Trekking.
Our Handy Website area of the forum contains many things of interest from petrol prices to GPS POI's websites.  
Our online Gallery has GeoTagging enabled so you can share your GPS coordinates while on tour as well as your photos.
The Campsite Location Maps are now active and linked to our caravan and camping forum Australia..
P.S. If you know of a place to camp you would like to see in our Maps drop a message in the forum under suggestions.
Last Update: 16-03-2012

Onwards and Upwards.

We intend to build this website into one of the best caravan and camping sites available on the internet.
All suggestions are taken seriously, so make a contribution to our forum.
Already new things are brewing and you can see some of the results on our site.
I.E. Advanced User Profiles.

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