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Caravan weights and tow car set up

6 years 4 months ago #1259 by Bryan
Caravan weights and tow car set up was created by Bryan
Hello, it seems that a lot of caravans weight more than the tare or agg weights on the vin plates, our 2007 20 foot Millard was 180kgs over the tare weight and with light load was 170 kgs over the agg weight, with more food and water on board for along trip we would have been possible 300ks over weight, and we travel light.
I had our caravan weighed and then got it re certificated by an engineer then police checked and relicensed for heavier weight.
the weight and measure police are stopping and weighing caravan now and if over weight they unhook them and get them towed, so well worth making sure you are legal,
also a lot of tow vehicles also can not tow what they say they are able to if you out fit it with all the accessories that people put in them for long trips, with the extra weight of accessories and the tow ball down load from the caravan,
one 4 wd drive drops from a 3 tonnes tow capacity to around 1 tonne if it is fitted out with too many add on's

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