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Postcode: 2706

Bunyip Hole Reserve Camping Area

Bunyip Hole Reserve Camping Area

Dirt Road off King Street, , , New South Wales, Australia
0 reviews

The Bunyip Hole Reserve Camping Area is a bush camp on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River with plenty of shade and fishing opportunities to catch Yellowbelly and Murray Cod. Bunyip Hole Reserve Camping Area location map

Category Free Camping
Swaggies Beach Camping Area

Swaggies Beach Camping Area

Unnamed Road, , , New South Wales, Australia
0 reviews

The Swaggies Beach Camping Area can be a bit hard to find unless you use GPS with off road maps is a great help in finding camping spots like this one. Swaggies Beach Camping Area location map

Category Free Camping

Free RV Campsites and Low Cost Campgrounds in New South Wales

The Best Free Campsites and Low Cost RV Camping grounds in New South Wales, Australia

We are always looking at ways to improve our site and are pleased to announce our Free and low Cost Campsite Maps area is now open.

I'm a great fan of cheap caravan holidays, and if you have a Dog, we have added a Pet Friendly field as well.

Our map of New South Wales is fully operational, plus you can comment on any of the entries you choose in our dedicated camping forum Australian Capital Territory section.

We have listed on our New South Wales Map:
Free RV Camping grounds, including Low Cost Stopovers, Rest Areas, Cheap Caravan Parks, Dump Points, Visitor Information Centre, Sightseeing and things to do along the way, all can now be found in one convenient map location.

Also included whenever possible, is an interactive map and of the location, water availability, toilets, fireplaces, shade and things to do once your there.

To make it easy for you to make up your mind if you would like to stay at one of our listed locations overnight, I have added photos from Google earth showing GPS coordinates to each campsite we have listed, and also included them in our maps. At most campsites you will be able to see if your caravan, motorhome or tent will fit.

My thoughts are to create a single website to visit, that caters for all Australian locations in one place, each is packed Now you can make an informed choice as to which of cheap caravan holidays you would like to go on.

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