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Make sure your 4x4, Caravan and RV Tyres are up to the Job ahead of them.

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10 years 2 months ago - 10 years 2 months ago #618 by Garry
I often hear a question similar to the one below, and sometimes Really Bad advice is given in response
We have bought a single axle 17ft campers, weight 1700kgs packed, and should change the tyres. Has anyone found one brand better compared to others? We anticipate to take a trip on dirt roadways on some of our journeys, yet not off road. Can anybody put some light on the most effective ones to use?

It is crucial that your tyres are in great condition and suitable for your vehicle and intended purpose.
Tyres can deteriorate equally as fast when a car or caravan, camper etc. stands for lengthy durations in one spot, it can drop off almost as fast as if being used on and off road. As tyres age, the surface area rubber could crack and rubber materials (sidewalls) can weaken. Manufacturers recommend that all tyres be replaced after six years, even if the tyre tread has more than the lawful minimum groove depth. If your tyres are worn to the bare legal minimum tread depth, they need to be replaced no matter what therir age.
Bear in mind to always keep a suitable spare in case you need to change one. (Important if your Van is a different rim size to your tow vehicle)

Tyres should have an enough load-rating and speed-rating for towing, and should be at the right tyre pressure to suit the weight being carried.
Under inflated tyres could cause the tyre wall surfaces to overheated and a possible blow out might occur as a result. (Not a nice thing at speed... Thats for sure)
The opposite is over inflating your tyres which can cause vibration and stability problems when braking.

One way to select the appropriate tyres that are already fitted on the auto and the caravan, you can examine the tyre wall and read the ratings from it .
A better way is to check your owners manual that came with your 4x4, RV or Caravan.

If you don't have a manual you can obtain the correct tyres and pressures from the metal complaince plate, its that metal info plate fastened to the caravan, RV, 4x4 Car etc. it carries important information in connection with tyre size and tyre pressures.

Tyre Stress from incorrect inflation.
The tyre pressure should be set according to the van, Rv or 4x4's weight, and the very best way to figure out the optimum tyre pressure, is to have the fully loaded weight of the van on hand. A quick trip fully loaded to a weighbridge, will help you get the correct weight o your rig.

There are tables that you can use to set the correct pressre to weight ratio, you can get them from your community tyre dealership.
Get in touch with a tyre retailer if in doubt. Proper tyre pressure will provide secure operation, maximum tyre life, a very safe and comfortable trip, and improved fuel economy. Its a winner all round.

Tires, Nuts and Studs
All tire nuts must be thoroughly tightened to the right torque, and be of the correct design, and conforming with the instructions offered by the vehicle manufacturer. Check regularly by inspecting with a torque wrench.

RV and Caravan manufactures are accountable for making sure tyres, studs and tyre nuts are fully compatable with the weights bieng carried. if aftermarket wheels (and nuts) are fitted, the Van or RV must be thououghly examined and a written guarantee that the substitute tires, nuts and studs are in fact suitable for the vechicle and axle(s), you need to get this in writing for insurance purposes.
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7 years 10 months ago #982 by mark123q
I agree with you, if we are in the middle of the road trip and we have a tire damage that is a very big deal. So before having a trip, we should check the things that are really important.

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7 years 10 months ago - 7 years 9 months ago #1001 by alexander753
I just fitted a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on my toyota. It did identify the temperature and pressure of tyres , that involves a digital readout on the dashboard with a sensor on each tyres, i will now know what each tire pressure is on each wheel and i will know if i get a tire pressure drop also will get a audible alarm if the wheel gets too hot.
how good is that I have the TPMS, to me, it provides an extra level of safety.
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7 years 9 months ago #1014 by cruiser1980
I personally also a great fan of a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. This will let you know about a tyre problem slow leak, over heating, etc.

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5 years 6 months ago #1360 by Yezphar
There are somethings that are a must for your vehicle like TPMS, DPCHIP and some other things. This may reduce your tention while on a trip. I have TPMS and DPCHIP Installed to my ride and i get the best fuel economy and power from dpchip while I can monitor my tires from the TPMS.

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